Terms and conditions

1a. Delivery
Room Service provides arrangement of orders of food from restaurants and manages the actual delivery of the food from the restaurant to the customer. In case a delay occurs, we must ask you to address Room Service directly on phone +45 7023 7026. However, we always reserve the right to deliver +/- 15 minutes in proportion to the time the food has been ordered for. It is always the customer’s responsibility to make sure that the information given in connection with the order is correct, be it name, address and telephone number. In case we cannot deliver because of insufficient address, and/or wrong or incomplete telephone number, we reserve the right to drive from the announced address again, and there will still be drawn payment for the order. The food will subsequently be discarded.
In particular cases where traffic-related or weather-wise conditions, demonstrations etc. are in evidence, delivery of the ordered food can be significantly delayed. These are considered situations that are out of our hands, however, we naturally ensure to provide information about this to a degree we have opportunity for, and strive to deliver as fast as the conditions will allow.

1b. Pickup
If you by ordering choose pickup, you must make sure to collect your food yourself, at the agreed upon time. Room Service disclaims any liability in proportion to the quality of the food, delayed cooking, flaws on the order and other matters. That is only the restaurant’s responsibility, and any complaints shall be addressed directly to that very restaurant. The restaurant’s contact information will be announced by ordering.

2. Right of cancellation
There is no right of cancellation after The Danish Consumer Protection Act on food from the point of order confirmation. The food preparation-process begins immediately after confirmation of the order, and we cannot cancel the order by the restaurant.

3. Flaws and deficiencies
At receipt of the food, the customer must immediately check the food for errors, insufficiency or eventually missing courses, and any complaints must instantaneously be directed to Room Service.
Room Service strive for the website to run properly, however Room Service cannot guarantee that the website, telephone- and mail-system at anytime is flawless and running. In case you experience flaws and/or interruptions, Room Service can always be contacted through [email protected] or telephone +45 7023 7026.

4. Payment
All prices are stated in DKK and include VAT. Payment occurs either through account agreement (only companies) or by payment via credit card. It is among others possible to pay with Dankort, eDankort, VISA-Dankort, MasterCard and Eurocard. At payment using credit card, the money will only be drawn when the food is delivered. We do NOT accept payment in cash.

5. Abuse and harassment
By abuse or suspicion of abuse, Room Service reserves the right to abstain from disseminating any order without warning. All cases of use of incorrect information and other forms of abuse will be notified to the police, with amongst other information your IP-number, which will allow the police to track down the person behind the order creation.

6. Personal Data
Room Service will not pass on the data Room Service gets in possession of, in connection with handling your order, to third party.