Indian take away - order now

From tasty spicy curries to crispy samosas and mild and creamy cucumber herbs. It is not without reason that Indian cuisine is among the Danes' favorites when it comes to take away. In addition to a wide range of exotic spices, Indian cuisine is a clean slate of fresh vegetables and well-cooked chicken, lamb, fish and seafood.

Does the thought of butter chicken, tandoori, samosa and chicken tikka masala make your mouth water? At Room Service you can order Indian gourmet take away from some of Copenhagen's most popular Indian restaurants. We deliver your Indian take away directly from the restaurant to you - without any detours. Find your favorite dishes on the menu cards and order Indian take away for delivery now or later. It's easy, fast and delicious.

Order Indian take away in Copenhagen

Indian vegetarian take away

The Indians are amongst the best in the world when it comes to putting together tasting vegetarian dishes. A large part of the Indian population do not eat meat and often use lentils, beans, chickpeas, eggplant and potatoes as a basis for vegetarian dishes. At Room Service you will find a large selection of Indian vegetarian take away dishes that provide a culinary experience out of the ordinary. Did you know that many of the classic Indian dishes are often found in a vegetarian version?

Full speed on the spices

Indian cuisine is much more than curry dishes. The Indian restaurants at Room Service use plenty of spices when they bake bread, make soups, prepare simmer dishes and homemade chutneys and dip. In the Indian take away dishes, there must be fresh vegetables, meats and seafood including garam masala, cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, chilli, turmeric, amchoor, paprika and coriander and the result is an explosion of tasty, spicy Indian dishes.

Indian takeaway - spicy accessories

A must for any Indian take away meal are the phenomenally delicious side dishes that are always served. Freshly baked tandoori roti bread, naan bread with various spices, samosa and pakoras; and of course the indispensable chutneys, raitas, dips and pickles. We recommend that you order both bread and several different types of dip with your take away - it helps to complete the experience of India.

Cobra, King Fisher and Lassie

Although beverages may not be the first thing you think of; when you hear the words Cobra, King Fisher and Lassie it is actually the most enjoyed Indian takeaway. The Indian beers are specially matched to perfectly match the spicy Indian food.

So whether you are into Indian food or beer, the Golden Pilsner beer is King Fisher or the fresh, mild Cobra beer, perfect for your Indian take away. Order them with your Indian food, then; you get the whole experience delivered at the same time.

If you don't like beer or you prefer a non-alcoholic beverage? Then the clear recommendation from here is that you enjoy a Mango Lassie. The delicious, mild and delicious smoothie-like yogurt drink is a great contrast to the spicy (and sometimes very strong) Indian food.

Indian desserts - the perfect ending

As the icing on the cake, you can round off your meal with sweet Indian specialties. Enjoy the sweet authentic Indian galub jamun cake, or a delicious gluten-free dessert dosa with the taste of chocolate and honey.

At Room Service, we deliver Indian take away directly to you from some of Copenhagen's best Indian restaurants. Should it be quick and extra easy, you can choose from Indian take away menus composed by the restaurant, then you get the restaurant's offer for a delicious meal. Or you can explore and put together your own menu at The South Indian, Guru or Indian Taj.

Are the children eating with you?

Of course you also have the option of ordering children's menus as take away. The children's menus are spiced a little milder than by normal Indian standards. And just remember to order a Mango Lassie with your take away, we are certain that the kids will love to drink it with their Indian children's menu.