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If you are hungry for sushi then you have come to the right place. At Room Service you will find some of Copenhagen's best and most exclusive sushi restaurants offering sushi take away with exquisite ingredients and fresh fish of gourmet quality. Whether you fancy Nigiri, Sashimi or Uramaki, we have a large selection of different restaurants' sushi take away menu. Room Service delivers your favorite sushi take away directly to you - effortlessly and on time.

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What is sushi?

Sushi is the Japanese national dish, and consists of various dishes that are artfully carved from raw seafood. Initially, sushi was a way of preserving raw fish, which has then evolved into the sushi we know and enjoy today. The first sushi bar opened in Denmark in 1986. However, it wasn't until the mid-1990s that sushi really became a popular dish in Denmark - including the opening of the restaurant chain Sticks´n´Sushi. Subsequently, several gourmet sushi restaurants have been opened in Denmark, including Karma Sushi, Kinome and Sushi Saiko.

What does sushi mean?

Did you know that sushi means "sour taste" and is not actually a reference to raw fish, but to the special taste sushi rice gets from being marinated in vinegar.

Guide: Sushi for Beginners

Maybe you are already seasoned sushi eater. Then you just skip this section. Here is a short "sushi for beginners" guide with 5 tips for a good sushi experience.

  • Always eat sushi freshly prepared
  • Are you not crazy about the idea of raw fish? Then start out slowly with vegetarian sushi. You can also choose sushi where the taste of fish is less intense - such as nigiri sushi with grilled salmon or uramaki with deep fried shrimp.
  • Eat a slice of pickled ginger between each slice of sushi. It cleanses your taste buds.
  • Dip the fish carefully into the soy, so that the salty taste does not destroy the delicious taste of well-prepared sushi, rice and fish.
  • Be careful about the wasabi. In Denmark, it is normal to mix wasabi with soy. But if you want the true Japanese experience, the wasabi should actually be sandwiched between the fish and the rice.

    Sushi dictionary

    Do you sometimes find it difficult to navigate the sushi menu? What does dashi mean? Is edamame a fish? Why do you eat pickled ginger when eating sushi? And what's inside-out? Find the answers to your questions in the Room Services sushi guide here, so you are sure our driver delivers exactly the sushi take away you want.

      • What is Dashi?

        Dashi soup is made by boiling dried seaweed and dried fish, and is a basic ingredient in Japanese cooking.
      • What are edamame beans?

        Edamame beans are green soybeans packed with saturating protein and healthy fats. Typically, they are served lightly cooked in pods and sprinkled with salt and lemon. Edamame is to be enjoyed as a delicious side dish for any sushi meal.
      • Gari - or pickled ginger

        Gari is pickled ginger. It is served with Sushi and Sashimi. You eat gari after every bite of sushi as it cleanses your palate and taste buds. By doing so, you are ready for a new taste every time you take a new bite of sushi. And gari is also supposed to be good for your digestion.
      • What does Inside-Out mean?

        As the name suggests, inside is sushi, which has the inside out. The rice is rolled in crisp seaweed with delicious filling, and another layer of rice is rolled on the seaweed. Inside-out is usually decorated with black, white or red sesame.
      • What is Masago?

        Masago (fly fishing roe) is caviar from fly fish.
      • What is Miso Soup?

        Miso soup is a soup made from soybeans, rice malt and salt and is served with fresh spring onions, tofu and wakame seaweed. In Japan, they usually eat miso soup before a meal and it is also supposed to boost the digestion.
      • What is Nigiri sushi?

        Nigri means finger in Japanese - and nigri is just shaped like a finger. It should be no longer than a little finger so you can easily eat it in a mouthful. Nigri consists of a small roll of rice with raw fish on top, typically salmon and tuna.
      • When to drink Sake?

        Sake is an alcoholic drink from Japan. The drink is made from rice and can be enjoyed both cold and warm. You drink sake for sushi and sashimi and it fits perfectly with all kinds of fish
      • What is Sashimi?

        Sashimi is raw fish cut into fine thin slices. The difference between sashimi and sushi is that sashimi is not served with rice. You will most often get salmon and tuna if you order sashimi.
      • Small maki rolls

        Small maki rolls are the smallest type of sushi. Small maki rolls are rice rolled in crisp seaweed, with a single piece of filling. For example, your maki roll may be filled with cucumber or avocado - or fish such as salmon, tuna, crab or surimi.
      • Soy sauce

        You almost can't say sushi without saying soy! Soy sauce is made on boiled soybeans. You dip your sushi in the soy sauce - and if you like spicy food, you may want to mix some wasabi in your soy.
      • Big Maki Rolls

        Large mackerel rolls are sushi rice rolled in crisp seaweed with various delicious fillings. The filling can vary from different vegetables to salmon, tuna, crab or surimi.
      • What is Surimi?

        Surimi is sold in Denmark and in the West under the name crab sticks, crab fish, crab and similar names. It is sometimes used instead of crab meat in sushi.
      • What is Sushisu?

        Sushisu a super important ingredient in making good sushi. It is a special rice vinegar that the cooked rice is turned into when the sushi is made, and it gives the sushi rice the right flavor and consistency.
      • Tang (Nori)

        Seaweed is also known as the "vegetable of the sea" and is a commodity that has been used in cooking as far as one can trace back. Seaweed is packed with good vitamins and minerals. Seaweed is an indispensable ingredient in the sushi kitchen.
      • Tofu

        Tofu - or soybean cheese - is used as an accessory for vegetarian sushi and in miso soup. Tofu is somewhat reminiscent of cheese as the soy milk is coagulated and the pulp is pressed into blocks.
      • Topped maki rolls

        Topped mackerel rolls are rice rolled in crispy seaweed with several pieces of filling and an extra layer of rice with, for example, a thin slice of salmon or another form of garnish.
      • When to drink Umeshu?

        Umeshu is a Japanese plum wine made from Ume plums and sugar. Umeshu is tart and sweet and we recommend that you enjoy umeshu for your sushi - either alone or with your favorite dessert as an alternative to the classic port wine.
      • What is Wakame?

        Wakame is a green seaweed that can be eaten as a snack or used as an accessory in salad and miso soup.
      • Is wasabi strong?

        Wasabi pasta is eaten as an accessory for sushi - you mix (depending on taste) a little wasabi in your soy sauce. But the Japanese horseradish is a quite hot, so remember to dose the amount of wasabi according to your taste buds.
      • What are Wasabi peas?

        Wasabi peas are eaten as snack or accessories for Asian dishes - especially of course when there is sushi on the menu. But also use wasabi peas as a spicy alternative to, for example, peanuts in your homemade salad. Wasabi peas are green peas rolled in wasabi powder.

    Sushi delivered directly to you

    The great thing about sushi is - besides being perfect for all occasions and all seasons - it can be enjoyed anywhere. Order your take away sushi and have it brought to where you are. Whether at home with a beautifully set table, on the couch, on the patio - or maybe you want to order sushi to eat on the beach, in the park, in the woods or in your workplace when you have extra long working days. When you get your sushi delivery, it always includes a complete sushi kit with chopsticks, wasabi, soy, pickled ginger, napkins, etc. Just remember to order the drinks you fancy and Room Service delivers a complete sushi gourmet experience straight to you.