Aamanns Deli and Take Away

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Aamanns is a delicacy, focusing on the traditional Danish "smørrebrød" which they have redefined. læs mere
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2100 København Ø
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Open sandwiches the highest quality 

At Aamanns Deli and Takeaway you can choose to enjoy your redefined, traditional open sandwiches (smørrebrød) in casual and nordic surroundings or you can choose to have it as takeaway. Even though we transport it across town for you, Aamann has ensured that the packaging and the way the open sandwiches are made still look presentable and delicious upon arrival.

Organic, free range, fresh produce, sustainability is essential at Aamanns Deli

The respect for the culinary profession is a driving force that entails us making everything from scratch and of good produce. Therefore we choose to pickle, braise, cook and bake everything ourselves. Fruit and vegetables are seasonal, the fish sustainable, and the meat comes from animals that have had a decent life as free range, likewise are flour and dairy products organic. 

We recommend buying 3 pieces per person.

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