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3-retters menu

295 kr.

Vælg selv blandt vores antipasti (som forret), Ravioli/ Gnocchi (som hovedret) og vores desserter!

Arancini 4 pcs.

89 kr.

Deep fried risotto balls with black and red rice from Piedmont filled with gorgonzola and chili sauce

Mezzelune 6 pcs.

89 kr.

Crescents of fermented onions, pine nuts, herbs and celery leaves with lobster tartar


89 kr.

Salt marineret og let røget okseinderlår med en creme af Caprino ost (gedemælk) og brioche bolle.

RAVIOLI con anatra

175 kr.

Homemade ravioli filled with braised duck breast and red wine, served in browned butter, tarragon and parmesan.


175 kr.

Hjemmelavede ravioli fyldt med kartoffel og pecorino ’Moliterno’ (fårmælkost fra Basilicata) med tomat sauce, basilikum og Parmigiano.

3 Italian cheeses

90 kr.

Toscansk Bombolone

89 kr.

Toscansk Bombolone fyld med kirsebær creme og chokolade creme, kirsebær pure og chokolade sauce på toppen.

Italian bread

40 kr.

Paccheri from Campania

84 kr.

Paccheri from the Campania region is a paste shaped like a short, large tube. The sauce is with tomato, mozzarella and basil (local recipe from the town of Sorrento)

Casarecce from Sicily

84 kr.

The Casarecce pasta is short turns pasta that seems rolled up on itself. The pasta is a local form from Sicily. The sauce is a ragout with tomatoes and parmesan

Rigatoni from Sicily

84 kr.

Rigatonipasta has the shape of a tube and gets its name from the Italian word rigato which means striped. The sauce is with tomato, salted ricotta and deep fried aubergines.

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