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Chicks by Chicks - Tivoli Food Hall - Menu

Menu 1

119 kr.

1/4 crispy rotisserie chicken w/ fries and delicious chicks dip.

Menu 2

119 kr.

1/4 crispy rotisserie chicken w/ delicious salad of the season.

Menu 3

119 kr.

Chicken nuggets w/ crispy fries and tasteful chli mayo.


65 kr.

Delicious pita w/ grilled veggies marinated in pepper and chicken from the rotisserie, hummus, chili and fresh greens.

Ceasar salad

109 kr.

Tasteful Ceasar salad w/ a green salad, ceasar dressing, parmasan and croutons.

Chicks For Kids

69 kr.

Crispy chicken nuggets, fries, vegetables sticks & ketchup.

1/4 Rotisserie chicken

40 kr.

Taasteful, long time fried on our French rotisserie. Filled with garlic, rosemary & lemon.

Pommes Frites

29 kr.

Crispy and delicious.

Side Caesar salad

50 kr.

A delicious, fresh side.

Side Season salad

50 kr.

A delicious, fresh side.


59 kr.

Crispy and delicious.


12 kr.

Choose between: Ketchup, Chili Mayo, Chicks Mayo or Chili.


25 kr.

Faxe Kondi

25 kr.

Pepsi Max

25 kr.


25 kr.

Flat water

20 kr.

Sparkling water

25 kr.

Organic elderflower

30 kr.

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Chicks by Chicks - Tivoli Food Hall

Bernstorffsgade 3, 1577 København V
You can get food delivered from here
Monday: 12.15 - 20.30
Tuesday: 12.15 - 20.30
Wednesday: 12.15 - 20.30
Thursday: 12.15 - 20.30
Friday: 12.15 - 21.15
Saturday: 12.15 - 21.15
Sunday: 12.15 - 20.30

Chicks by Chicks

Chicks by Chicks is organic and juicy chicken

Rotisserie chicken has for many years been synonymous with a sinful experience at the grill down the street, but at Chicks by Chicks, the experience is comepletely different. Here you can order an organic chicken that has been grilled on a rotating spear. This ensures that the chicken skin is crispy, and as it has not been cooked in deep fried, you do not get the greasy sensation of oil, on the contrary you get a well cooked meal. All sides dishes are made from scratch at Chicks by Chicks.

Sustainability is important for Chicks by Chicks

At Chicks by Chicks sustainability is central to everything they do. Therefore, your chicken will always be organic. The chicken is from an organic farm, where is has had loads of space, free access to outdoor areas and sunshine - thereby, the best conditions for living a healthy and good chicken life. This means that the chicken you will be served at Chicks by Chicks, is juicy, full of character and flavor. A juicy chicken bite with a few well kept secret ingredients and a delicate touch of French rotisserie attitude.

A simple takeaway concept

At Chicks by Chicks organic rotisserie, everything is made from scratch, and even the concept is simple. You will be served a chicken that has been grilled on a rotating spear and with that you can choose from crispy fries and delicious salads made using the best vegetables of the season. There is also always chicken soup and sticks on the menu, along with a series of deli goods.

Chicks by Chicks received 6 hearts from Politiken

It is very few restaurants that are awarded 6 of the coveted hearts from Danish newspaper Politiken, but Chicks by Chicks was. The food critics from Politiken: Martin Finnedal and Joachim Adrian awarded the 6 hearts after being impressed by the quality of the food, and followingly wrote; "The food is amazing. The chicken is tender, juicy and is served quickly".