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EATTODAY Tapasbar & Takeaway - WATERFRONT - Menu

Bread with aioli

43 kr.

A simpel but delicious snack.

Marinated olives & salted almonds

80 kr.

Delicious olives and salted crispy almonds.

Avocado hummus, pistachio salsa, sesam seeds & bread

95 kr.

Delicious hummus made of avocado, tasteful pisstachio salsa, sesame seeds and bread.

Charcuterie board

185 kr.

Delicious charcutterie with Mangalacia ham, iberico salami, chorizo, olives, pan con aioli.


100 kr.

Grilled piquillo / tomato shrimps with garlic, lemon and aioli.

Tuna tataki

105 kr.

Tuna tataki with roasted sesame, ponzu sauce, seaweed.

Salmon "boti"

100 kr.

Delicious salmon boti with spicy tomato coulis.

Crispy squid

85 kr.

Delicious, crispy squid with black aioli and grilled lemon.


60 kr.

Small and delicious Slider. Choose between fried chicken or beef.

Hanger steak

115 kr.

Hanger steak served with chimichuri and grilled bell pepper.

Croquettes (serrano ham and cheese)

65 kr.

Delicious and crispy croquettes of serrano ham and cheese.

Beef tartare

115 kr.

Beef tartare with green asparagus and mushrooms mayo.

Fried cauliflower

78 kr.

Fried cauliflower with tarragon and grated manchego.

Grilled asparagus/spring onions

68 kr.

Grilled asparagus/spring onions served with lemon, coarse mustard and toasted almonds.


80 kr.

Crispy tortilla with aioli and mangalicia.


105 kr.

Creamy burrata with tomato, olive tapenade, herbs and sourdough bread.

Caesar salad

145 kr.

Delicious Caesar salad with panko breaded chicken, semidried tomato, grated manchego and herbs.

Salad with tuna

170 kr.

Tuna salad with salad, toasted sesame vinaigrette, qunioa, cauliflower and radishes, herbs.

Traditional "Fish'n'chips"

175 kr.

Frish'n'Chips with pea puree, sauce tatar, grilled lemon and herbs.


285 kr.

Rib-eye with baked tomatoes, pickled roasted onions, bearnaise and fries.

Bemærk! Du har valgt hurtigst mulig levering, men denne er kun tilgængelig From 16:00

Burger with beef

150 kr.

Burger with juicy chopped steal. tomato, salad, chorizo and cheese.

Served with fries and chipotlemayo.

Chocolate cake

75 kr.

Delicious chocolate cake with roasted white choco, pepper meringue and berries.


75 kr.

Classic churros with cinnamon sugar and chocolate sauce.


100 kr.

Delicious cheeses with dates puree and grilled bread.

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EATTODAY Tapasbar & Takeaway - WATERFRONT

Philip Heymans Alle 17, 2900 Hellerup
You can get food delivered from here
Monday: 12.00 - 20.00
Tuesday: 12.00 - 20.00
Wednesday: 12.00 - 20.00
Thursday: 12.00 - 20.00
Friday: 12.00 - 20.00
Saturday: 12.00 - 20.00
Sunday: Closed

EATTODAY Tapasbar & Takeaway

Eattoday Tapasbar & takeaway gourmet tapas as takeaway

EATTODAY is a tapas bar & takeaway, which is inspired by a global concept, who defines itself in the understanding of life. An unique way of eating and enjoying eachothers company. In a tapas bar without room for boresome, sadness or loneliness, only smiles and good company, where you will enjoy a wonderful time.

We want EATTODAY to be an oasis for the travelling, a place to recoup after a long day, a place to regain the strength to move forward with your life.


Roomservice leverer din gourmet takeaway fra EATTODAY Tapasbar & Takeaway