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Starters ( 12 )

Homemade spring rolls

79 kr.

With chicken, shrimps and vegetables.

Pan fried homemade gyoza

79 kr.

With pork and vegetables.

Homemade salmon spring rolls

79 kr.

With salmon, leeks and celery.

Spicy salt & pepper chicken wings

79 kr.

Spicy salt & pepper chicken wings.

Wonton soup

79 kr.

With pork, dried mushrooms and spring onions.

Perking soup with prawns

79 kr.

Homemade tempura prawns

79 kr.

With wasabi mayo.

Sesame prawn toast with water chestnuts

79 kr.

Sesame prawn toast with water chestnuts.

Steamed “Har-Gau”

79 kr.

Prawn dumplings.

Chinese confit of duck

129 kr.

Served with pancakes, cucumber, leeks and hoisin sauce.

Extra pancakes

5 kr.

Extra sauce

15 kr.

Stir fried beef with black pepper sauce and vegetables

139 kr.

Crispy shredded beef in spicy sweet n sour sauce

139 kr.

Stir fried spicy beef with sichuan pepper and vegetables

139 kr.

Stir fried beef with vegetables and black bean sauce

139 kr.

Gong bao chicken with vegetables, cashew nuts and chillisauce

125 kr.

Stir fried chicken with sweet basil, lemongrass and oyster sauce

125 kr.

Red curry with chicken n vegetables

125 kr.

Duck with pineapple in star anise sauce

145 kr.

Stir fried sweet and sour prawns

155 kr.

Stir fried prawns with vegetables and goji berries

155 kr.

Sweet & sour pork with vegetables

130 kr.

Stir fried rice noodles with beef, vegetables and oyster sauce

139 kr.

Fried rice with chicken and vegetables

125 kr.

Selection of seasonal vegetables stir fried with ginger and garlic (side order)

75 kr.

Wokfried duck with vegetables in oyster sauce

149 kr.

Deep fried fish fillet in an aromatic citrus sauce.

179 kr.

Extra rice

25 kr.

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