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Halifax - Larsbjørnsstræde - Menu


125 kr.

mango chutney mayo, tomato, lettuce, pickled red onion, lettuce and aioli


110 kr.

Burger with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, chipotle & cheddar.

Popular add on: Fried egg and bacon.


130 kr.

Burger with lettuce, tomato, pickled red onions, goat cheese, chili fried mushrooms & chives.


130 kr.

Burger with lettuce, onions, pickles, cheddar, caramelized onions, bacon, fried egg, hp sauce, & chives.

Popular add on: Jalapenos


115 kr.

Burger with mustard, pickles, roasted onions, cheddar cheese, pickled beetroot, bacon & remoulade.

Popular add on: Onion jam and fried egg.


130 kr.

Bluecheese cream, bacon, semi-dried tomatoes, pickled onions and salad onions.

Lone Star

125 kr.

Burger with salad onions, BBQ-marinade, 2x cheddar cheese & bacon.

Popular add on: pickled red onion.


140 kr.

Burger with lettuce, pickled red onions, cheddar cheese, chili fried mushrooms, bacon, rösti-top &  herb butter.

Berlin (vegan burger)

115 kr.

Chili fried mushrooms, vegan cheese, pickles, lettuce, onions, red mójo, vegan mayo & tomato salsa.


140 kr.

Guacamole, tomato salsa, jalapeños, cheddar, salad and salad onions.
Popular add on: Bacon

Children menu

80 kr.

Choose between 2 luxury nuggets or a children's burger with steak (85g) with optional ingredients.

Choose between classic fritters or mashed potatoes. Served with ketchup.

Children's burger

55 kr.

Børneburger med bøf (85g) og valgfri ingredienser.


130 kr.

Onions jam, bacon, emmentaler, tomato salsa and salad.


130 kr.

Optional steak, mixed salad, chilifried mushrooms, goat cheese, pickled red onions, roasted almonds and date tomatoes.

Topped with chipotlemayo, chives and black sesame.


130 kr.

Optional steak, mixed salad, guacamole, tomato salsa, jalapenos, cheddar, lettuce and tortilla chips.

Topped with chipotlemayo and black sesame.

Tijuana Verde

130 kr.

Optional vegan steak, mixed salad, guacamole, tomato salsa, jalapenos, vegan cheddar, salad onions and tortilla chips.

Topped with vegan mayo and black sesame.

Popular add on: Oven baked almonds


40 kr.

Friturestegte løg med chipotle mayo

Vinegar fries

40 kr.

Sweet potato fries

40 kr.

Classic fries

35 kr.

Loaded mash

40 kr.

Mashed potatoes with creme fraiche, bacon and chives.

Chicken wings

40 kr.

Crispy and juicy (2 pcs.) incl. ranch dressing

Chicken tenders

45 kr.

Luxury nuggets with ranch dressing.

Cream cheese peppers

40 kr.

Creamy & crispy jalapenos - 3 pcs.


80 kr.

Tortillas with guacamole, salsa, cheese dip, jalapenos and chives.

Snack kurv

95 kr.

 150 gr Chicken tenders, 3 chicken wings, 3 cream cheese peppers. Served with ranch & BBQ

Crispy greens

40 kr.

Celery, snack cucumber, cabbage, broccoli, sweet peas - vegan.

A raw serving with green served w. mojo dip. Also good for children.


35 kr.

2 stk edamame and 2 stk rösti + Mójo

Cheese dip

20 kr.

Light spicy runny cheddar


15 kr.

Dried & smoked chili mayo.


15 kr.



15 kr.

Tomato salsa

15 kr.

Mild salsa.


15 kr.

Classic mayo.

Tarragon mayo

15 kr.

A hint of bearnaise.


15 kr.


15 kr.

White dressing. Perfect for chicken.


20 kr.

Avocado, lemon and garlic (vegan).

Vegan mayo

15 kr.

Home brought from Berlin.

Red mojo

15 kr.

Grilled pepper & almonds.

Halifax's Ketchup

7 kr.

Halifax's homemade ketchup: sweet and a little spicy.

Sodavand 25 cl

17 kr.

Vælg mellem: Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Faxe Kondi 0, Orange og Lemon.

Sodavand 50 cl

28 kr.

Vælg mellem: Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Faxe Kondi 0, Orange og Lemon.

Danskvand 25 cl

13 kr.

Danskvand 50 cl

25 kr.

Søbogaard æblemost

28 kr.

Bottled water

20 kr.

37 cl.

Vanilla Ice (Small)

45 kr.

30 cl. Mild velvety soft creamy shake, with lots of vanilla flavor.

Vanilla Ice (Large)

70 kr.

50 cl. Mild velvety soft creamy shake, with lots of vanilla flavor.

Københavnerstang (Small)

45 kr.

30 cl Milkshake - Pineapple blended with vanilla milk. Seriously - it's like a floating popcicle!

Københavnerstang (Large)

70 kr.

50 cl Milkshake - Pineapple blended with vanilla milk. Seriously - it's like a floating popcicle!

Hali Berry (Small)

45 kr.

30 cl. A classic shake with sweet strawberries and vanilla milk

Hali Berry (Large)

70 kr.

50cl a classic shake with sweet strawberries and vanilla milk

Halifax bottled beer (lager)

50 kr.

Alcohol-free beer from Braunstein

50 kr.

Alcohol-free ber vol. 0.5%.

Organ, fruity IPA with a Nordic twist, from brewery Braunstein.


60 kr.

Organic wheat beer from Braunstein, 0.5 L

Bemærk! Du har valgt hurtigst mulig levering, men denne er kun tilgængelig From 23:00 to 23:00


40 kr.

Gammeldags æblekage efter mormors opskrift, med æblemos lavet på danske æbler, knas af makroner & masser af flødeskum på toppen.


40 kr.

Luk øjnene og smag på sommeren! Jordbær-rabarberkompot med mazarin-muffin, luftig vaniljecreme og mørk chokolade.

White Wine: Carole

210 kr.

Full-bodied and bold sustainable Chardonnay from the South of France, with a taste of fruity sweetness.

White Wine: Buttery blanc

325 kr.

The name says it all. Delicious and buttery, California Chardonnay.

Rosé: Weinbau der Lebenshilfe

210 kr.

A sweet, juicy, fresh and berry German from the Palatinate.

Redwine: Sincere red

325 kr.

A Pinot Noir from California. Juicy as cherry, full-bodied and with a hint of vanilla.

Redwine: Je t'aime

210 kr.

A fiery red wine from Languedoc with wonderful juiciness and spicy notes.

Sparkling wine: Francesc Ricart

210 kr.

A classic Cava. Slightly bitter, fresh and bubbly, with notes of flowers, honey and peach

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