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Snacks ( 8 )

Cap Moo-Nam Prik Noom - Lampang

55 kr.

Pork crackling with grilled egg plant relish.

Tod Man Goong - Prajinburi

65 kr.

Shrimp cakes with cucumber relish (4 pieces).

Sai Aur - Chiang Mai

65 kr.

Homemade Chiangmai pork sausages (6 pieces).

Sai Krok Esaan - Esaan

65 kr.

Homemade Esaan pork sausages (6 pieces).

Khao Kriab Goong Nam Prik Paow - Ayudthaya

55 kr.

Homemade prawn crackers with chili oil.

Somtam - Esaan

105 kr.

Thai papaya salad Bangkok or Esaan style with sticky rice.

Kaiyang - Esaan

115 kr.

Half a grilled chicken with sweet chili dip and sticky rice.

Poh Pia Tod - Yaowaraj

55 kr.

Spring rolls with shrimp, pork, glass noodles and plum sauce 
(3 pieces).

Panaeng Gai - Nakorn Pathom

125 kr.

Panaeng curry with peanuts, peas, kaffir lime and chicken 
with Jasmine rice.

Pad Pak Boong - Yaowaraj

85 kr.

”Morning glory” Water spinach wok-fried with garlic and chili.

Moo Hong - Phuket

125 kr.

Simmered pork with five-spice soup and coriander – jasmine rice.

Laab Ped & Khao Niaw - Yasothon

125 kr.

Spicy salad of duck, mint, cabbage and cucumber with sticky rice.

Gang Kiew Waan Look Chin Plaa Or Kai - Chumpon

125 kr.

Green curry with fish balls or chicken, basil and Jasmine rice.

Tom Yam Kai

125 kr.

Tom yam soup with chili, chicken, lemongrass, lime and galangal – jasmine rice.

Kanom Jeen Kang Poo - Phuket

135 kr.

Yellow curry with noodles and king crab.

Pad Thai Goong Sod - Yaowaraj

135 kr.

Fried noodles with tamarind and black prawns.

Guay Taew Neur Nam Tok - Rachaburi

125 kr.

Noodle soup with beef and herbs.

Pla Lui Suan - Rayong

165 kr.

Fried fish with lime, red onion, cashew nut and spicy dressing – jasmine rice.

Pad Kaprow Kai - Bangkok

125 kr.

Stir-fried chicken with chili and basil fried egg and Jasmine rice.

Goong Ob Woonsen - Chonburi

165 kr.

Rice noodles baked with smoked pork, prawns and lovage.

Somtam Kaiyang - Esaan

175 kr.

Half a grilled chicken with papaya salad Bangkok or Esaan style.

Jasmin rice

20 kr.

Sticky rice

20 kr.

Noodles / Kanom jeen (Rice noodles)

20 kr.

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