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RICE ( 2 )

Kimchi Bowl

115 kr.

KOPAN RICE’s signature rice bowl with Kimchi.

Choose between:

Ko-Bowl: Korean marinated beef and spicy cabbage.

Chi-Bowl: Korean spicy chicken and pickled radish.

Chae-Bowl: Pan-fried glass noodles and white cabbage.


115 kr.

Korean traditional rice bowl topped with sautéed vegetables and a sauce.

Choose between:

Bulgogi: Korean marinated beef with soy sauce.

Dakgalbi: Korean spicy chicken.

Mushroom: Pan-fried portobello with sesame oil & seeds.


25 kr.

A healthy traditional Korean side dish made of fermented vegetables and various spices.

Choose between:

Baechu: Spicy Cabbage.

Oi: Spicy Cucumber.

Baek: White Cabbage.

Moo: Pickled Radish.

Cheese Kimchi Jeon

91 kr.

A crispy Korean pancake with KOPAN's fermented baechu-kimchi and cheese topping.


65 kr.

Mung-bean pancake served with spinach, salad, soy dipping sauce and garden cress.

With mung-bean, baechu-kimchi, spinach, mung-bean sprout, green onion, soy sauce, sesame oil, wheat flour.


65 kr.

Sweet potato noodles and vegetables stir fried in soy sauce.

Sweet potato noodles, paprika, zucchini, onion, mushroom, soy sauce, sesame seed & oil.

Hite - Korean Beer

40 kr.

Toborg Classic

35 kr.


Mineral Water

15 kr.

Sparkling Water

25 kr.

Soft Drink

20 kr.

Ginger Ale

35 kr.

Organic Lemon Soda

35 kr.

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