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Small dishes ( 4 )

Marinated tuna

75 kr.

Fresh tuna stirred with yuzu, soft avocado, lime, crispy salads, spicy soy sauce, pickled ginger and puffed rice paper

Charcuterie for 2

95 kr.

Coppa di parma, air-dried Fioco ham, foet sausage, manchego cheese served with dijonaise, pickled red onions and cornichons

Steak tartare

50 kr.

Tarragin mayo, cress, pickled black currant and butter roasted rye bread crumble.

Steamed Asparagues

50 kr.

White and green asparagues with lemon cream, pickled green tomatoes, cress and cirspy rye bread crumble.

Main courses ( 5 )

Beef cuvette (cut yourself)

150 kr.

Beef with thyme salt, crispy golden fries, and redwine sauce.

Vesterbro burger

90 kr.

Cheddar, bacon, fried onions, pickled cucumbers and dressing.
We recommend our lovely fries as a side.

Grilled chicken in sauce

100 kr.

Grilled Danish boneless chicken thigh in blanquette sauce with peas, carrots and apsaragues.

Grilled Cabbage

100 kr.

Organic cabbage with lemon cream, salt roasted almonds, pomme granate and summer flowers.

Spare ribs

100 kr.

Grilled and glazed spare ribs in peach-BBQ, new onions, grilled corn and lemon thyme.

Sides ( 6 )

Bread and mascapone

25 kr.

 The well-known and tasty bread of Manitoba flour from Madklubben with mascarpone.

Pommes frites

25 kr.

New Danish potatoes

35 kr.

With herb butter and fresh parsley.

Spring salad

30 kr.

Romaine, cabbage, rhubarb vinaigrette and crispy apples.

Organuc carrots

35 kr.

Grilled carrots with tarragon cream, roasted almonds and flower cress.

Pimientos de Padron

25 kr.

Fried padrons with Vesterhavs cheese and black pepper.

Dips and sauce ( 6 )

Bearnaise sauce

35 kr.

Redwine sauce

20 kr.


15 kr.


15 kr.


10 kr.


10 kr.

Childrens menu ( 2 )

Build your own burger

90 kr.

Beef, dressing, cheddar, tomatoes, salad and red onions.

Grilled chicken in sauce (child)

55 kr.

Grilled Danish boneless chicken thigh in blanquette sauce with peas, carrots and apsaragues.

Desserts ( 3 )

Sundae a la Koldskål

45 kr.

Danish koldskål, vanilla ice, lemon puff and danish kammerjunkere.

Brownie with summer berries

50 kr.

Roasted walnuts, summer berries, white chocolate cream and fresh mint.

Summer sundae (vegan)

50 kr.

Strawberries and lemon sorbet, fresh summer berries and meringues

Soda ( 2 )

Coca Cola 0,33 l.

20 kr.

Coca Cola Zero 0,33 l.

20 kr.

Beer ( 2 )

Carlsberg 4,6% 0,33 l

30 kr.

Carlsberg Nordic 0,5% 0,33 l

30 kr.

White Wine ( 2 )

Sauvignon Blanc 12% 0,75 l

95 kr.

Riesling 10,5% 0,75 l

125 kr.

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Want to enjoy your favorite dishes served with inspiration from around the world at your home? At our restaurant you can find delicious cuvette, duck breast, fish, bygotto, our popular pork roast sandwich, delicious desserts and much more. We focus on great taste!

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