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Crema di Olive

69 kr.

Olive tapenade with fresh baked bread.

Pesto di Basilico

69 kr.

Basil pesto with fresh baked bread.

Bruschetta con Peperonata & Mozzarella

69 kr.

Roasted garlic bread with grilled bell pepper and creamy mozarella.

Topped with balsamico.

Carpaccio Classico

95 kr.

Beef carparccio with rucola and fresh parmean.

Extra virgin olive oil and truffle mayo.

Vitello tonnato con capperi

95 kr.

Slices of cold veal with tuna mousse.

Capers and ovenbaked cherry tomatoes.

Tartare Classic

115 kr.

Tartar of veal with yolk and capers.

Served with red onions, capers, truffle mayo and truffle crostin.

Buffalo Mozzarella della casa

95 kr.

Creamy buffalo mozarella with ovenbaked tomatoes and grilled bell pepper.

Topped with homemade basil pesto.

Selezione di Salumi & formaggio

125 kr.

Gorgonzola cheese and parmesan with balsamico.

Italian chili and fennel salami.

Parma ham.

Fabios Fristelser

129 kr.

Vitello Tonato - Eggplant pie - Beef carparccio.

Mozarella with ovenbaked cherry tomatoes and basil pesto.

Tomato bruschetta - Italian chili and fennel salmi - parma ham.

Tortelloni con salvia e crema di parmigian

149 kr.

Tortelloni pasta filled with ricotta and spinach, turned in parmesan cheese cream and sage.

Crispy parma ham and fresh parmesan cheese.

Pasta alla Fabio

149 kr.

Tagliatelle pasta with "Polpette" Italian meatballs of veal.

Amatriciansauce with pancetta (smoked bacon).

Fresh parmesan cheese.

Chef Carbonara

149 kr.

Pappardelle pasta with Pancetta (smoked bacon) and yolk.

Fresh parmesan cheese.

Pasta ai Funghi Porcini

149 kr.

Tagliatelle pasta with creamy mushroom sauce.

Fresh parmesan cheese.

Risotto con Ossobuco

199 kr.

Creamy risotto with braised beef ossobuco.

Served with butter gremolata.

Made after Fabio's mother and grandmothers recipe.


249 kr.

Grilled veal filet in slices.

Ovenbaked thyme potatoes and vegetables.

Choose between thyme, gorgonzola og mushroom truffle sauce.

It is also possible to choose fresh truffle.


79 kr.

Italian classic dish - "Wake me up".

Coffee liquor cake with lady fingers in "Marsala" an marscapone cream.

Panna Cotta ai frutti della Passione

79 kr.

Italian classic dessert "pudding" with fresh vanilla and passionfruit

Passionfruit coulis and mashed caramelized walnuts.

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