Antipasti (8)

Zuppa di cozze

110 kr.

Mussels, tomato and garlic.

Carpaccio di Tonno

145 kr.

Raw tuna, marinated fennel, blac pepper, lemon and olive oil.

Crudité di Pesce

145 kr.

Raw oyster, raw lobster, raw prawns, raw tuna, grilled lemon.

Gamberi Rossi

110 kr.

Red prawns, garlic, tomato and aioli.

Zuppa del Giorno

85 kr.

Soup of the day served with crostini and aioli.

Antipasto Del Giorno

129 kr.

Today's delights.

Bruschetta Rustica

89 kr.

Roasted bread, tomato, basil and garlic.

​Bufala Caprese

110 kr.

Buffalo mozarella, tomatoes and basil.

Fettuccine alle Vongole Veraci

165 kr.

Musselt, parsley and garlic.

Fettuccine alla Marinara

145 kr.

Octopus, mussels, vongole, lobster and prawns.

​Fettuccine al Gamberone Rosso

145 kr.

Prawns, sherry, parsley and garlic.

Fettuccine al Cinghiale

145 kr.

Braised wild boar, tomato, parmesan cheese and chestnuts.

Fettuccine alla Norma

135 kr.

Tomato, egg plant, ricotta cheese and basil.

Risotto alla Marinara

145 kr.

Octopus, musels, vongole, lobster and prawns.

Fettuccine al Astice

189 kr.

1/2 lobster, sherry and garlic.

Ravioli ai funghi Tartufati

169 kr.

Karl Johan mushrooms, fresh grated truffle, parsley and parmesan. 

Filetto ai Funghi Tartufati

289 kr.

Beef sirloin, mushroom and truffle sauce and chunky zone roots.

Agnello al Timio

285 kr.

Grilled lamb crowns, thyme sauce, egg plant compote and tomato.

Fianco di Maiale Iberico

225 kr.

Grilled flank of pork, radicchio, stored balsamic vinegar, taleggio cheese, parmesan and chopped walnuts.

Calamari & Scampi Fritti

225 kr.

Deep-fried calamari and lobster, grilled lemon and aioli.

Tonno ai Ferri

289 kr.

Roast tuna steak, artichokes, anchovies and olives.

Aragosta Glassata

295 kr.

Glazed lobster, sauce of limoncello and olive oil, fennel and garlic.

Sogliola Dover

289 kr.

Grilled Dover sole and salad.

Orata alla brace

249 kr.

Grilled fish and salsa verde.

Formaggi Misti

95 kr.

3 cheeses and fig compote.


89 kr.

Panna Cotta

89 kr.