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Order a gourmet pizza from Gorms and get a great taste experience made from good ingredients, good craftmanship and a great love for the Italian kitchen. Thin and crispy pizzas topped with exquisit produce - you won't find better. læs mere
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Gourmet pizza as takeaway

In 2007 the little red-haired bornholm gorm wisweh from svaneke to copenhagen. With him were his secret recipe for the world's best pizza dough and the desire to spread the pizza-charity, and smile on the lips of copenhagen. Bornholmeren found five good friends who were just as wild with his pizze as they were with italy's bliss; wines, specialties and good ingredients. Together, the six friends built gorm's that started with eating place in magstræde 16 but which today consists of four successful restaurants: gorm's in magstræde gorm's in nyhavn, gorm's in skotterup and gorm's in the food market.

It is the passion for italian cuisine and the endless, inquisitive exploration of the possibilities with one of the most classic eat - pizza - which is the engine of the team behind gorm's. The mission is to develop gourmet pizza and new flavors on a base of good raw materials and solid workmanship.

Room Service delivers your gourmet take away from Gorm´s
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