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Karma Sushi is quality sushi that looks and tastes delicious. læs mere
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Vestergade - Århus
Vestergade 48
8000 Århus C
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Open today: 17:00 - 20:45
Frederiksgade - Århus
Frederiksgade 83
8000 Århus C
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Open today: 17:00 - 20:45

Karma Sushi

Karma Sushi delivers gourmet takeaway of the highest quality

The purpose of karma sushi is serving quality sushi at a higher level, both in the restaurant and takeaway. Here is an intimate but modern restaurant with casual operation, which delivers a unique informal experience every time. Our sushi is an experience far beyond the ordinary; merger between the japanese, french and scandinavian cuisine plays a big part in the menu. We're doing as far as possible everything from scratch; homemade pickled ginger, sauces, dressings mv and we are a little more expensive than our competitors, but we will also not comparable to a mainstream sushi business. We fråser with the expensive raw materials, and we are proud of it. We look forward to giving you a gourmet sushi experience!

Room Service delivers your gourmet take away from Karma Sushi
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