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Pizza ( 10 )

Nordic Apples

145 kr.

Karlsfälts Gård organic bacon, Nørup primeo cheese, apple sauce, caramelized onions, fresh apples and watercress.

Cauliflower Noisette (Veggie)

145 kr.

Fried cauliflower, ricotta mousse, caramelized onion purée, pickled kohlrabi, beurre noisette sauce,
toasted soy almonds & fresh cress.

Honolulu Ham

145 kr.

Parma ham, Danish smoked cheese, tomato sauce, pineapple chutney, pickled onions, chilies and  fresh oregano.

Chili Salami

145 kr.

Spicy salami, pickled beetroot, Røde Kristian cheese and tomato sauce.
Topped with fresh mozzarella, spinach and pickled chilies.

Kung Fu Balls (Vegan)

145 kr.

Spicy tofu and soybean balls, creamy white sauce, baked tomatoes, topped with pickled red cabbage, coriander, ponzu & black sesame.

Potato Brie (Veggie)

145 kr.

Brie, salted potatoes, olive compote and fresh red onions.
Topped with fresh rosemary and olive oil.

Shrimply The Best

145 kr.

Garlic roasted wild shrimps, primeo cheese, celeriac purée, red pesto, pickled red onion, cress, lemon and almonds.

Farm Yard

145 kr.

Roasted chicken, potato sauce, blanched leeks, spicy chickpeas, lingonberry, pomegranate and black garlic dressing.

Kimchi Sprouts (Vegan)

145 kr.

Korean BBQ sauce, kimchi, ginger vinaigrette, gem salad, beansprouts, pickled red onion and fresh coriander.

Youngsters Favorite

85 kr.

Tomato sauce and mozzarella.
Topped with Parma ham and parsley (Adult size 145,-).

Goma Sprouts (Veggie)

125 kr.

Fresh sprouts, cabbage, mango, chili sauce, peanuts, coriander and goma dressing.

Almond Chicken

125 kr.

Grilled chicken, romaine salad, mustard vinaigrette, "Vesterhavs" cheese, roasted almonds and chives.

Thyme well spent

95 kr.

Thyme and sage infused Danish gin, lemon, tea syrup, shaken and served over ice and topped with India pale ale.

Dark n' Stormy

95 kr.

Orange infused rum, ginger beer, lime, cocktail bitter, build over ice.

Karma Cola

40 kr.

From real cola nut, vanilla and cane sugar.


40 kr.

Ginger ale with lemon twist.


40 kr.


New York Lager 5,2% 0,33 L (Beer)

40 kr.

White: Olcaviana

175 kr.


Red: Le Naturel

225 kr.


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