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Christmas menu (19)

Curry herring

75 kr.

Homemade curry herring served with a half egg and homebaked rye bread with butter and gravy.

Marinated herring

65 kr.

Marinated herring with chopped onions served with homebaked rye bread with butter and gravy.

Grevinde Alexandra

135 kr.

"Grevinde Alexandra" salmon with wasabi cream, salmon caviart, crayfish and dill served on rye bread.


130 kr.

"Eel" fresh smoked Danish eel with scramble eggs and chives.


130 kr.

Salmon with homemade dill sauce on fresh baked wheat bread.

Eggs & Prawns

90 kr.

Eggs, mayo and prawns - served on homebaked wheat bread.

Fish filet with "remoulade"

125 kr.

Fish filet with homemade "remoulade", prawns, smoked salmon, caviart, apsargues and lemon.

Fish cakes with "remoulade"

80 kr.

Homemade fish cakes with homemade "remoulade" and dill.

Duck breast

95 kr.

Duck breast with sour, apples and prunes on rye bread.

Fried pork

95 kr.

Fried pork with sour, mustard and rye bread.

Fireman's food

90 kr.

"Brandmandens natmad" smoked potatoes, crispy bacon, chicken salad, chives and carrots served on homebaked rye bread.


70 kr.

Sausage on homebaked rye bread with gravy.

New tartar

95 kr.

Tartar with cold bearnaise sauce and soft onions served on homebaked rye bread.

Homemade chicken salad

95 kr.

Homemade chicken salad with bacon, red pepper and roasted bread.

Thip's vegetarian dish

85 kr.

Potatoes, aspargues, tomato, avocado and red onions served on homemade rye bread.


90 kr.

Old cheese on homemade wheat bread with gravy and onions.


90 kr.

Gorgonzola with egg yolk and radish on homemade wheat bread.

Homemade risalamande

75 kr.

Homemade risalamande with almonds and cherry sauce.

Bisquits (2 pcs.)

50 kr.

Homemade biscuits.

Ginger herring

70 kr.

Herring with fresh ginger and chopped red onions. Served with home baked rye bread with butter and flavored lard.

Fried herring

80 kr.

Fried herring with soft onions served with home baked rye bread with butter and flavored lard.

Jens Okking

70 kr.

Potatoes, herring, red onions and dill.

Smoked eel

145 kr.

Fresh smoked danish eel with scarmble eggs and chives.

Filet of plaice

140 kr.

Fish filet with homemade remoulade, prawns, smoked salmon, caviart, asparagues and lemon.

Victor Borge

150 kr.

Frish raw salmon, prawns, lumpfish caviart and crayfish. Served with dill mayo on homemade toast.

Sommer hofdame

140 kr.

Oscar's smoked salmon with slices of avocado topped with balsamico glace. Served on homemade ryeb read.

Super Ida

85 kr.

White wine boiled potatoes with caviar dressing, home smoked salmon and schrimps.

Served on homemade rye bread.

Egg & shrimps

100 kr.

Eggs, mayo and prawns. Served on homebaked toast.


100 kr.

Smoked potatoes, cirspy bacon, chicken salad, carrots and chives. Served on homebaked rye bread.

Roast pork

90 kr.

Roast pork with homemade sour and gravy.

Niels-Jørgen Kaiser

90 kr.

Homemade veal paté, bacon, fried mushrooms, parsley and pickled lingonberries on homebaked rye bread.

Dyrlægens natmad

75 kr.

Homemade veal liver paté, gravy and salty meat.

House keepers snack

85 kr.

Salami with smoked cheese, radish, mayo, pickled black currant and chopped chives on homebaked rye bread.

New tatar

95 kr.

Tartar of beef with cold bearnaise sauce, woft onions and salt served on homebaked rye bread.

Roastbeef remo

85 kr.

Roastbeef with remoulade on homebaked rye bread.

Thip's veggie

90 kr.

Boiled potatoes, asparagues, tomatoes, avocado and chopped red onions served on homebaked rye bread.

Spring collection

90 kr.

Tomatoes, avocado, egg salad, poached egg and sprouts served on homebaked rye bread.

Old cheese

90 kr.

Cheese on homemade toast with lard, gravy and onions.

Gorgonzola cheese

90 kr.

Gorgonzola with yolk, onions and radish on homebaked toast.

2 Petit fours

50 kr.

Homebaked wreaths cakes.

Strawberry pie

75 kr.

Homemade pie with vanila cream and strawberries.